Turning Ideas Into Lucrative Stories

“The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story.”

– Anthony de Mello


Story Design

Engage with leaders to lay out a compelling narrative outline and content strategy that encompasses the vision and trajectory of the company.  Focus on expressing distinct value and experience to the customer.

Story Creation

After the strategic storyboards and content categories are in place, assist technical and product marketing teams to create content and market the message through appropriate channels and measure effectiveness.

Story Selling

With a proven content and messaging strategy, train and enable the sales force to deliver powerful stories conveying differentiated value, vision, and experience to the customer.


Ameer is a San Francisco based entrepreneur with over 15 years in the technology industry working with and building products, strategy, content, sales organizations and teams for many innovative and disruptive technologies.  He currently works with executive teams and venture capitalists at numerous startups in Silicon Valley helping them define their messaging strategy, storyboarding their value propositions, creating content and enabling their sales force to deliver effective stories that appeal to the masses.  He loves bringing new and exciting technology to life and advises many emerging entrepreneurs around idea building, pitch consulting and message creation.  He is an information addict and is always up to speed on the latest and greatest trends in the industry, how they are being marketed and brings a multi dimensional holistic outsider’s view to the table.  At heart, he is a student of new and exciting ways to deliver information to the world telling captivating stories and bring positive change to his listeners and the industry.

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